Holiday Services

​​ Holiday time can be stressful for pets and they just seem to sense that your off to have fun without them! (how dare you!)
I provide a tailored service to suit your pets indivdual needs whilst you are away. You will recieve updates and photos of your beloved pet to put your mind at rest. The added bonus of these services is extra home security, as open/close of blinds watering house plants and putting out rubbish is all part of the service whilst your enjoying some free time relaxing and getting away from it all.

cat holiday service as alternative to cattery

               For your Feline Friend

​Cats just love to be on their own patch and this is the service to suit - tailored for your cats individual needs I will visit 2 times a day 15 minutes morning and evening to feed play & give lots of affection also groom as needed. The litter tray will be kept clean and fresh.
You will recieve updates and photos of your cats antics whilst your away.

small pet care small pet holiday care

    All Other Pets 

​​​​ ​As a nation of animal lovers the range of our pets is unending and they all   many varied needs. This service will be tailored to suit those needs during two 15 minute visits each day. They will be fed and cleaned and I'll spend the rest of the time talking and playing.....yep! I'm one of the many that talk to animals! As with all other services any specific requirements can be met to keep your loving pet happy. Again I can update you with pictures and a run down of how your darling is doing.